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welcome to fairfax hearing center

Fairfax Hearing Center specializes in providing the latest and most technology advanced services and products to our patients. We provide a full range of medical and audiological services. Our patients benefit from a team-based approach to disorders of hearing. We at Fairfax Hearing Center will work with you to develop an individualized solution to your hearing problem using the latest technology wrapped in personal service. If you have problems with your hearing, make an appointment for a comprehensive hearing evaluation, your first step to a new world of sound.

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The world’s first 100% invisible extended wear hearing device that delivers natural sound


Ask yourself these questions:

Do I often ask others “What?”
or to repeat themselves?

Do I turn up the TV or radio louder than is
comfortable for others?

Do I have trouble understanding speech
in restaurants?

Do I have difficulty understanding soft voices
especially those of women or children?

If you suspect you have some hearing loss, contact us for a professional hearing assessment.

Complete Hearing Healthcare Solution

  • FREE Batteries for the life of your hearing aids
  • FREE Quarterly cleanings / check-ups
  • FREE Follow-up visits
  • FREE Annual hearing screenings
  • TWO/THREE YEAR repair
  • TWO/THREE YEAR loss warranty

Products & Services we provide

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