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Bluetooth Wireless Hearing Aids

Wireless Hearing aids


What is the connection between hearing aids and Bluetooth connectivity?

Can you hear me now? With the advancement of Bluetooth wireless technology, hearing aid patients are now able to turn their hearing aids into MP3 players, wireless headsets for hearing on the telephone – including  IPhones , watching television and  listening to music or books on tape, etc.

In the past, hearing aids would often produce a feedback type sound when the telephone was placed close to the ear, hence patients would remove their hearing device to hear better on the telephone.  Today’s Bluetooth technology will send the sound directly into both ears, through the hearing aids, without having to hold the phone up to the ear.  This not only allows for a hands free solution, but produces a clear crisp sound in both ears.

There is no longer a need for T.V. Ears.  The same Bluetooth technology will also send the sound from the television directly through the hearing aids into the ears.  Your partner can listen to the television at a volume level that is comfortable for them.

The advent of Bluetooth technology now offers a solution for some of the common problems associated with hearing aids.  Please call our certified audiologists in Fairfax County Virginia for a demonstration.