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Fairfax Hearing Center is an authorized dealer for Oticon hearing aids and wireless devices.  Oticon products are appropriate for all hearing losses, mild to profound.  It has recently been named “one of the best of the best”. Over a century after its founding, it is continuing to empower people to take the first steps toward better hearing.  Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, it conducts research at the leading Eriksholm research facility.

Fairfax Hearing Center has been dispensing Oticon hearing aids for over 15 years.  We take pride in our partnership with this leading technological provider of hearing care.  Hearing is too important to settle for less.  Is Oticon right for you? Our Audiologists can match the right hearing instrument based on your specific lifestyle, hearing loss and budget.

 Fairfax Hearing Center dispenses all Oticon styles and models and will guarantee the best price and service.