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Fairfax Hearing Center is an authorized dealer for Phonak hearing aids and wireless technology.  Phonak, headquartered in Switzerland, has been known to be the driving force in hearing healthcare providing hearing aids for hearing losses from mild to profound. They produce a unique solution for patients with single sided deafness: the CROS (contralateral-routing-of signals) system offers an answer for unilateral hearing loss.  Many of the styles are proven to be water and dust resistant.  Having a conversation has never been easier thanks to this leading company’s innovative technology.  Fairfax Hearing Center has been dispensing Phonak hearing aids for over 15 years.  Hearing aids should be as simple and routine as wearing eyeglasses. Is Phonak right for you? Our Audiologists can match the right hearing instrument based on your specific lifestyle, hearing loss and budget.

Fairfax Hearing Center dispenses and repairs all Phonak styles and models and will guarantee the best price and service.