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  • Tony S.
    Springfield, VA

    “Just wanted you to know, this is amazing. Not only am I hearing more clearly, but I’m hearing sounds I haven’t heard in a while, and even more sounds I didn’t know existed. The volume on the car radio is down 5 notches; the TV sound is set at half what I used to need; I can hear all the notes in a bird’s sound; my water garden gurgles a lot more than I knew. Even the crinkling is different. It doesn’t discriminate; the brain has to learn to do that all over again. The wind from an open car window is obnoxious, as are the engine noises from big trucks alongside. I can hear traffic noise in my backyard too. I joined the company I work for one year ago. I didn’t know there was a “beep” when your security pass cleared you through a door. I thought it was just a little green light. I am so impressed I just wanted to let you know.”

  • Frank S.
    Fairfax, VA

    “My experience with FHC has been superior in every way. Gena is a very caring person and is actually a pleasure to see her on my visits. My digital hearing aids have made my life so much easier since I can now be much more at ease with everyone. Before, I would ask someone to please turn up the volume. Now, it is, “Dad, please turn up the volume on the TV so I can hear.”

  • Walter A.
    Reston, VA

    “My wife first obtained hearing aids from the FHC, she was very satisfied with the service provided by Dr. Gena Marino, not only initially, but throughout the years. As a result of her satisfaction, I also obtained my hearing aids at FHC and I have been pleased with Gena’s cheerful and high quality service I am receiving. I do not hesitate recommending FHC to anyone needing assistance for highly professional service.”

  • Jane W.
    Alexandria, VA

    “Dr. Gena Marino discovered my brain tumor through a thorough hearing exam. She has provided consistent personalized care for the years that I have been wearing my hearing aids. I am forever grateful!”

  • Donald M.

    “I have been using hearing aids furnished by Fairfax Hearing Center for nearly a year. During this time, I have noticed a marked increase in my hearing ability. This improvement, together with the outstanding professional care received from FHC, has enhanced my lifestyle and convinced me that I made the right choice in selecting FHC to alleviate my hearing problem.”

  • Peter M.

    “The installation of my new hearing aids made the greatest difference in communication with my teenage children. If I now don’t hear them, they say “Dad put your hearing aids on!”