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Wireless hearing aids are capable of wirelessly communicating with external devices as well as with each other. Many of today’s digital hearing aids can wirelessly connect to the wearer’s TV, mobile and landline telephones, computer, and stereo or MP3 player, delivering crystal clear sound and a personalized level of volume.

  • Do you have difficulty hearing on the telephone? Wireless connectivity will transmit the sound from the telephone into both ears through your hearing aids, avoiding the distraction of extraneous sounds.
  • Is the sound from the television not clear and crisp? Does your spouse complain that the T.V. is too loud? Wireless connectivity allows you to connect directly to the TV through your hearing aids, improving the signal to noise ratio. This results in not only greater clarity, but a more comfortable listening volume for all listeners.
  • Do you find yourself avoiding noisy environments? Wireless connectivity will allow you to improve the signal that you want to hear over the noise for greater clarity.

If you’re interested in how wireless connectivity solutions can augment hearing aid performance and alleviate hearing difficulties, contact us today.

The greatest selection of wireless options are available today.
Oticon’s ConnectLine

Oticon’s ConnectLine wireless accessories are the ideal complement to their hearing aids, empowering you to participate actively in practically all situations

Streamer Pro

Make and answer calls using a mobile phone hands free. The Streamer Pro can connect to a wide range of verified mobile phones with built-in Bluetooth capabilities. Streamer Pro is the gateway to the ConnectLine system and is worn around the neck. When hearing aids are linked to Streamer Pro, practically any audio source can be transmitted through Streamer Pro to the hearing aids.

TV adaptor

The TV adaptor enables to hear TV programs clearly – while leaving the TV volume at a level the whole family can enjoy.

phone adaptor

The phone adaptor works with an existing landline phone, in effect turning hearing aids into a wireless headset. Make and answer calls using a mobile phone hands free.


Microphone is a discreet clip-on microphone that enhances speech understanding of a chosen speaker’s voice in challenging sound environments.When linked to a computer or tablet, the sound can be streamed wirelessly to the hearing aids by using Streamer Pro.

ConnectLine App

Connecting has never been easier, the new ConnectLine App for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Android™ smartphones and tablets is designed for your fingertips. With just a few taps, the perfect level can be set quickly and discreetly.

Phonak Wireless Accessories
Modern hearing aid technology makes hearing and understanding in most situations enjoyable. But when you’re on the phone, watching TV or in a noisy place, following a conversation can still sometimes be frustrating. That’s where the Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio comes in. These useful add-ons link to your hearing aids to help you hear more in challenging situations.
Roger EasyPen

Roger EasyPen is designed for you to interact and understand in challenging listening situations. Packed in a stylish design, it features a fully automatic wireless microphone which is easy to use in one-on-one or group conversations.

Clip-On Mic

Clip-On Mic is a wireless microphone that is worn by your partner to transfer their voice directly to your hearing aids for one-to-one communication in loud noise and over distance.

Phonak DECT

Phonak DECT – cordless home phone transmits calls directly and binaurally to both your hearing aids simultaneously, reducing noise and maximizing understanding.

Phonak EasyCall

Phonak EasyCall – connects any Phonak wireless hearing aid wirelessly to your cell phone. It is permanently attached and connected to the phone and streams the conversation directly to both hearing aids without a neckloop.

The ComPilot Air

The ComPilot Air is a small and stylish streamer that offers excellent stereo sound quality while connecting Phonak hearing aids via Bluetooth to a variety of audio sources without the use of a neckloop.

The Phonak ComPilot

The Phonak ComPilot is the multi-purpose audio streamer that combines wireless streaming and remote control all in one.

Phonak RemoteMic

Phonak RemoteMic is used together with a Phonak streamer to understand a speaker over distance. It is attached to your conversation partner`s clothing and transmits their voice to your hearing aids.

Phonak TVLink

Phonak TVLink – turns your Phonak hearing aids into a wireless TV headset with stereo sound quality

Phonak PilotOne

Phonak PilotOne – easy to use remote control for volume and program adjustments

The Phonak RemoteControl App

The Phonak RemoteControl App turns any smartphone (Android and iOS) into a remote control.